The Learned Goose


Jo Brandon is a 30-year-old writer currently based in Yorkshire, UK.

Praise for Jo’s first full-length collection, The Learned Goose:

“Picture the masked reveller at the start of the ball, not knowing what adventures or catastrophes the long night will bring. This is the world of The Learned Goose, whose poet slips on fancy dress the better to disguise her investigations into matters of the heart, those both personal and historical … a smart and sumptuous first collection.”
– Julia Bird, Poet
“There is something of the fairground sideshow about this delicious cornucopia of twisted tales where the lustful, lovely and grotesque gather together to intrigue and disquiet us with their stories. Here is a collection that leaps across time and space, between the domestic and mythical, with a fearless and lyrical grace.”
– Jacqueline Saphra, Poet
“A bewitching collection containing the sensual and the witty, the sacred and profane, and glorious language with profound psychological insight. Jo Brandon is a very finewriter indeed.”
– James Nash, Poet

“There is a gorgeousness to the collection which confidently encompasses mystery and clarity, menace and seduction, roguishness and solemnity. Here is a sisterhood of brightly-illuminated historical and literary women; the body in all its queasy, sexy detail; magic counter-balanced with the pitfalls of enchantment; and in Brandon’s own luscious words, “the pinked, still wobbling jelly of language”. They are poems to feast on.”

– Rachel Piercy, Poet


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In response to Jo’s debut publication Phobia:


‘[Brandon] has created a collection of poetry that unfurls the truth behind the female experience whilst playfully dwelling on its reverberation against history… Brandon’s pamphlet interlaces itself with myth, history and contemporary stories to examine the human condition.’

– Nathan Ouriach,  Dead Ink

Brandon explores the life of women with an intensely personal perspective with a delicate combination of hardness and sensitivity that truly brings to light the daily struggles we all experience.

–  Gina Kershaw, For Books’ Sake

‘Brandon’s language is clear and contemporary, and her images vivid and well placed.’

– Judi Sutherland, Sabotage Reviews


‘Brandon’s poems are beautifully intricate, skilful, introspective examinations and portrayals of fear and hope and vulnerability and strength.’

– Gabriella Swerling, Rum & Reviews Magazine

‘I like Jo’s sharp observational eye… whole worlds and lives are conjured in the spare but overflowing stories of poems like “These Bones” and “Kathy, GSOH, likes long walks”.  These poems of vulnerability are brave, bright and true, and mark Brandon as a poet to watch.’

– Kate Fox, Poet

‘Brandon has the gift of making one stop and think… light-hearted and sparse with her language, but also eloquent and serious, with a quiet beauty to her words. A thought-provoking collection.’

– Ciara Hegarty, Author


To purchase Phobia or for more information please visit Valley Press